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  谢谢您们的辛勤努力和付出 我的美国历史论文成绩出来啦 得了7.5分 我对此非常满意 也非常感谢您们的帮助 给论文助手一个大大的赞哈哈 谢谢您啦! ... 由 K. Comments
  To students and visitors to Academic Savior website, I have been a user of AS for a long time. My experiences with AS has been very good compare to other service providers. It was built on constructive engagements and positive interaction between the student and the writers. The key thing is the messaging medium that facilitated this communication for review and queries. The ease in which your orders and requirements are conveyed via the website and response your received are very quick and clear, thus avoiding any unnecessary misinterpretation of instructions or information. On this note and in my opinion, the service delivery set up and writers are more than meet my expectations and I am very appreciative of the services accorded to me. ... 由 M. M. Comments
  我觉得文章结构和sentence structure写的很好,很有逻辑性,词汇用的很恰当,好评 ... 由 F. W. Comments
  总体来说还是很不错的,每次都能按时和较高准确率的完成订单,支持一下。 ... 由 C. Comments
  服务真的很棒。 首先论文很棒,写手都是外国人。而且都很专业,要求都能达到。如果需要修改能很快得到回复。 其次客服服务态度都很好。非常客气,而且回复速度很快。 再次服务非常好。论文如果写不出来会及时通知而且迅速把钱全数返还的。 总之是很好的服务。 ... 由 J. Comments
  十分感谢你们的帮助,帮我取得了好的成绩,论文写的还是很专业的。非常值得信赖。谢谢 ... 由 D. Comments
  Really great service!!!! I am really grateful to their help!!! They helped me pass the course when I was very likely to fail!!! Trust them!! They have strong report writers as well as great test helpers!!! If need, I will for sure come back to them in future!!!! Highly recommended!!!!! ... 由 D. Comments
  不过确实写的很好,特别专业!真是找对人了 ... 由 A. Comments
  我订购了一份“美国历史”的作业因为我不知道怎么完成,我从 Academic Savior 得到了一篇优秀的文章。它充满了有趣的观点和论据,并有一些真正令人印象深刻的书目。正是我想看到的!谢谢。 ... 由 A. D. Comments (2)
Same here. Getting three great papers in a raw. Many thanks to the writer, I would love to order again from her. ... by J.
I was also surprised how much of new staff you can learn from their papers. I ordered over 10 papers and about 8 or them were really impressive, while other 2 were OK. ... by P. A.
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  虽然不是一件骄傲的事情,但我尝试了几十个不同的网站。这个网站真的在乎你作为他们的客户。他们应该是希望我们回来并订购更多的服务。我并不介意,只要我得到这样一个细心的管理员真正关心我的论文。 ... 由 T. Z. Comments (3)
Hey T.Z., I found it really interesting too. Haven't seen any other academic assitance agency who can deal with your request online in minutes. Got really frastrated by other websites ... by D.
Maybe I am unlucky but I tried reaching their support twice and both times numbers were busy ( ... by J. D.
Hi J.D. I guess it depends, you can call in the time when others call. Like in the evening and they may take a little longer to reply - recommend sending a message or chat to them - sometimes this works even quicker! ... by T.Z.
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  他们的顾问真棒!无论你有什么样的问题,他们始终有一个顾问谁能够真正快速地解决它。 ... 由 A. Comments
  我是一名单亲妈妈,并且需要半工半读。这样的服务非常适合处于像我一样情况的人。我可以结合工作和学业,所有科目还可以得到好成绩。真棒! ... 由 B. Z. Comments (1)
You are right... most helpful for people who work and study at the same time. ... by D.
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  一个简短的劝告 – 提早下订单以得到更便宜的收费,并且也有多余的时间来添加/更改任何你不喜欢的东西。 ... 由 H. Comments (1)
I ordered several papers ten days prior to the deadline and always got them like three days before the deadline i pecified, so they usualy deliver in advance which is quite cool. ... by T. D.
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  老实说,我不确定我应不应该找他们帮我写一篇样本,但是他们声称会将所有资料保密,我便试一试。客户服务虽然有点慢但很友善,所以我在跟一个真正的人沟通后比较有安全感。 ... 由 C. Comments
  这个网站真是一个救星。我只剩几天就到最后期限了,工作上又有很多的事情要处理。我非常感谢你们,因为没有你们的帮助我不知道会是如何。 ... 由 M. C. Comments (1)
Simply annoying! You have to pay money for nothing! ... by K. S.
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  这组顾问都很专业! ... 由 J. B. Comments
  我自己也能写出同样的东西。 ... 由 A. Comments
  我喜欢他们制定论文的方式。 ... 由 B. Comments
  他们的专业在每一个句子都能显见! ... 由 Y. M. Comments
  总是最动人心弦的介绍! ... 由 H. S. Comments
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