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  虽然不是一件骄傲的事情,但我尝试了几十个不同的网站。这个网站真的在乎你作为他们的客户。他们应该是希望我们回来并订购更多的服务。我并不介意,只要我得到这样一个细心的管理员真正关心我的论文。 ... 由 T. Z. Comments (3)
Hey T.Z., I found it really interesting too. Haven't seen any other academic assitance agency who can deal with your request online in minutes. Got really frastrated by other websites ... by D.
Maybe I am unlucky but I tried reaching their support twice and both times numbers were busy ( ... by J. D.
Hi J.D. I guess it depends, you can call in the time when others call. Like in the evening and they may take a little longer to reply - recommend sending a message or chat to them - sometimes this works even quicker! ... by T.Z.
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